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General terms of business

By hiring Polish Your Zagreb agency you accept T&Cs that apply with each tour, guided walk, business escape and translation services provided. All of our guiding services require booking at least one day in advance. Bookings for the same day and at hock bookings will be considered upon a request.  For bookings made online full payment is required in advance. Online payments can be made via direct bank account transfer. Tour will be considered booked once the payment is fully received. Prices include taxes and the services described. Experienced in handling big and small groups, we accept minimal booking for one person and maximum of 20 in a group.


Polish Your Zagreb will make sure that booked guiding services happen rain or shine.  We respect your time and remuneration given for our services, so it is only fair that we give 100% in providing our end of the bargain. Still, we understand that life can intervene and exemptions do happen. In case of our inability to go ahead with booked service, we'll make sure that we provide an alternative which you'll be happy with before canceling your tour and refunding the money. No additional cost included. Same applies when based on a client request. We are flexible with making changes in pre-booked services, but only when made 48h beforehand. The tour will be considered voided only when cancelling confirmation is received by phone or e-mail. Canceling guided services on a shorter notice than 48h will result in a nonrefundable deposit:


  • up to 48h before – 50% of the service price;
  • up to 12h before – 80% of the service price;
  • on the day – no refund.



We shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury, accident, delay or irregularity suffered by any customer only to the extent that we are ourselves liable under Croatian Law for negligence or breach of the conditions of the contract and are subject exclusively to Croatian Law and jurisdiction. All legitimate complaints are to be submitted within 10 days after the provided service. We will answer all valid complaints within 7 days after the receipt.