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About Us

Get to know us

CEO and COO of Polish Your Zagreb is Domina Lujak Tot - „The Big Boss“. Part-time office administrator for a big international corporation, full-time mum, and Fulir.

Katarina Lujak, CMO of Polish Your Zagreb, connected the dots. Gave the idea a digital visual appearance and an online voice. As an ex. Journalist working in Digital Marketing, she pushed the idea even further.

VIP's of Polish Your Zagreb are our best guides and other staff that makes this little business so great.


Who are we:

  • we are travellers
  • mothers and wives
  • young business owners
  • learners
  • bike riders
  • yoga practitioners
  • mountain lovers
  • adventurers

What we’re best at:

  • finding the best local wine and food offers
  • sharing the charm of our beloved city
  • telling the worst jokes
  • keeping it fun
  • going with the group vibe