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Creative edge of tourism

What if curiosity was the key for not only progress but fun?

Published: 04.10.2018

Curiosity was always one of our strong suits. For as long as I can remember, my sister and I were dying to get out of the house and play outside. As soon as we were out that door, the adventure started.

Nowadays, we are a bit wiser, a bit older but the desire for adventure still remains. There is not much difference in what we had as children to what we have today. The only exception is that we are now serious business owners looking to do some serious business, right? Well, not exactly smiley

Last weekend we were a part of the training for Certified Interpretation Guide, a license provided by Interpret Europe organization. The training was held in beyond beautiful town of Bakar on Croatian seaside and was organized by Bakar Tourist Board. The group consisted of amazing women from all over Croatia and each of them excels in their field of expertise. The trainer was a true innovator and amazing creator Iva Silla, which maybe some of you already got to know through her projects Secret Zagreb and Quest of Tales.

What led us to this amazing training was, once again, our curiosity. Have you ever experienced that sensation when you were just drawn to something not knowing really why, but on the other hand knowing it would be a blast to choose it? When the info of these trainings came out, we just went for it. And boy, were we right!

Three amazing days filled with laughter, joy and fun. We truly worked our butts off and managed to get the job done. But the weird part was it didn’t feel like working!

The amazing thing with curiosity is that it leads you to higher grounds and invites you to have fun. Meeting new people may seem like a drag sometimes, but having the experience of engaging with them, getting to know them and their culture, seeing the beauty that is in front of us makes our lives worth living and our business worth creating.

What if your every trip was like that, worth it all the way…?